Safety Rules and Code of Conduct

Participators must be supervised at ALL times. Please go over all rules with all Participators before using the inflatable unit.

 Lessee agrees to supervise both the equipment and its use at all times the equipment is in the possession of Lessee. The Lessee assumes the role of operator while in possession of unit(s).

This list of Safety Rules and Code of Conduct applies to the use of any and all Bounce Brothers Entertainment, LLC rental units. Lessee agrees to follow and utilize these Safety Rules and Code of Conduct at all times during the operation and use of the inflatable unit(s). Lessee is responsible for enforcing posted rules and rules listed in this document, all other rules and regulations provided by Bounce Brothers Entertainment, LLC and manufacturer guidelines.

Lessee/Operator is responsible for ensuring that the size and number of persons entering the inflatable does not exceed the manufacturer maximum occupancy.

Lessee agrees to have at least 1 person of average strength per inflatable present at all times to be responsible for the operation of the rented inflatable/ride. Instructions for safety and operation will be reviewed at time of setup.



· The bounce house is designed for children and is not recommended for adults.

· Operator shall assist all participators in entering/exiting the unit.

· All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, belts, sharp objects etc.

· NO flips or somersaults, etc.

· NO rough-housing, horseplay in/or around unit.

· NO climbing, hanging, standing or pulling on sides, tops, backs of units.

· NO crawling under bottom or edge of units.

· NO taping, fastening or hanging anything to or in the inflatable unit. Severe injury risk can occur.

· NO FOOD, DRINKS, CANDY, ANIMALS, SHOES, OILS, SILLY STRING or SHARP OBJECTS are to be allowed in the rentals at any time. This could result in cleaning/damage/repair/loss costs.

· NO PETS allowed on bounce house.

Should the inflatable unit begin to deflate?

· Immediately remove all persons from the inflatable unit.

· The motor has stopped: check the cord connection at the outlet and the blower.

· The blower continues to run: check the air intake on the side of the blower for any blockage. Check the inflatable tube to the blower for snugness and pull the strap for tightening if necessary.

· Any problems or questions with equipment please contact Bounce Brothers Entertainment, LLC at (870) 919-7595.

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